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GPU Zen 探索了快速发展的游戏实时渲染领域的最新发展,汇集了高质量的 GPU 编程前沿贡献。

Exploring recent developments in the rapidly evolving field of game real-time rendering, GPU Zen assembles a high-quality collection of cutting-edge contributions for programming the GPU.

Table of Contents
Rendering (Patrick Cozzi)
1. Adaptive GPU Tessellation with Compute Shaders by Jad Khoury, Jonathan Dupuy, and Christophe Riccio
2. Applying Vectorized Visibility on All frequency Direct Illumination by Ho Chun Leung, Tze Yui Ho, Zhenni Wang, Chi Sing Leung, Eric Wing Ming Wong
3. Non-periodic Tiling of Noise-based Procedural Textures by Aleksandr Kirillov
4. Rendering Surgery Simulation with Vulkan by Nicholas Milef, Di Qi, and Suvranu De
5. Skinned Decals by Hawar Doghramachi

Environmental Effects (Wolfgang Engel)
1. Real-Time Fluid Simulation in Shadow of the Tomb Raider by Peter Sikachev, Martin Palko and Alexandre Chekroun
2. Real-time Snow Deformation in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds by Kevin Örtegren

Shadows (Maurizio Vives)
1. Soft Shadow Approximation for Dappled Light Sources by Mariano Merchante
2. Parallax-Corrected Cached Shadow Maps by Pavlo Turchyn
3D Engine Design (Wessam Bahnassi)
1. Real-Time Layered Materials Compositing Using Spatial Clustering Encoding by Sergey Makeev
2. Procedural Stochastic Textures by Tiling and Blending by Thomas Deliot and Eric Heitz
3. A Ray Casting Technique for Baked Texture Generation by Alain Galvan and Jeff Russell
4. Writing an efficient Vulkan renderer by Arseny Kapoulkine
5. glTF - Runtime 3D Asset Delivery by Marco Hutter

Ray Tracing (Anton Kaplanyan)
1. Real-Time Ray-Traced One-Bounce Caustics by Holger Gruen
2. Adaptive Anti-Aliasing using Conservative Rasterization and GPU Ray Tracing by Rahul Sathe, Holger Gruen, Adam Marrs, Josef Spjut, Morgan McGuire, Yury Uralsky

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