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Templates are among the most powerful features of C++, but they remain misunderstood and under-utilised, even as the C++ language and development community have advanced. In C++ Templates, 2nd Edition, three pioneering C++ experts show why, when, and how to use modern templates to build software that’s cleaner, faster, more efficient, and easier to maintain.

Now extensively updated for the C++11, C++14, and C++17 standards, this new edition presents state-of-the-art techniques for a wider spectrum of applications. The authors provide authoritative explanations of all new language features that either improve templates or interact with them, including variadic templates, generic lambdas, class template argument deduction, compile-time if, forwarding references, and user-defined literals. They also deeply delve into fundamental language concepts (like value categories) and fully cover all standard type traits.

The book starts with an insightful tutorial on basic concepts and relevant language features. The remainder of the book serves as a comprehensive reference, focusing first on language details and then on coding techniques, advanced applications, and sophisticated idioms. Throughout, examples clearly illustrate abstract concepts and demonstrate best practices for exploiting all that C++ templates can do. Understand exactly how templates behave, and avoid common pitfalls Use templates to write more efficient, flexible, and maintainable software Master today’s most effective idioms and techniques Reuse source code without compromising performance or safety Benefit from utilities for generic programming in the C++ Standard Library Preview the upcoming concepts feature.

模板是 C++ 最强大的功能之一,但即使 C++ 语言和开发社区不断进步,它们仍然被误解和未充分利用。在《C++ 模板》第二版中,三位 C++ 先驱专家展示了为什么、何时以及如何使用现代模板来构建更干净、更快、更高效且更易于维护的软件。

此新版本现已针对 C++11、C++14 和 C++17 标准进行了广泛更新,为更广泛的应用程序提供了最先进的技术。作者对所有改进模板或与模板交互的新语言功能提供了权威的解释,包括可变参数模板、泛型 lambda、类模板参数推导、编译时 if、转发引用和用户定义的文字。他们还深入研究基本语言概念(如值类别)并完全涵盖所有标准类型特征。

本书首先对基本概念和相关语言功能进行了深入的教程。本书的其余部分作为综合参考,首先关注语言细节,然后关注编码技术、高级应用程序和复杂的习语。自始至终,示例都清楚地说明了抽象概念,并演示了利用 C++ 模板的所有功能的最佳实践。准确理解模板的行为方式,避免常见陷阱 使用模板编写更高效、灵活且可维护的软件 掌握当今最有效的习惯用法和技术 在不影响性能或安全的情况下重用源代码 受益于 C++ 标准库中通用编程实用程序 预览即将推出的概念功能。

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